we deliver

more than you expect

At ICG, we are devoted to bringing unique and innovative thinking to our clients' business challenges. That's why we engage in Empathetic Marketing. It is broadly understood that core emotional drivers shape most consumer decisions, yet all too often, marketing misses the mark and fails to resonate with target consumers. We believe the key to bridging that gap is empathy:—a commitment to identifying, understanding, and satisfying the deeper emotional needs that drive customers behavior. Leveraging Empathetic Marketing, we'll help you understand how emotional needs impact your target customers, and how you can better satisfy these needs to advance your commercial results.

This philosophy supports our mission to develop long-term relationships that help our clients achieve sustainable growth, while contributing to the growth of ICG's individuals and the organization as a whole. No matter what the client or project, one theme is consistent for ICG: we make exceeding your expectations the rule, not the exception.