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Dan Gatbunton
Manager, Fieldwork Operations

Dan’s role as Manager for Fieldwork & Recruitment leverages his experience as a Recruiter on the front-lines during his start at ICG. Gaining a deep understanding for the nuances in recruiting hard-to-reach targets and managing logistics for a range of research methodologies, Dan oversees all aspects of participant recruitment and fieldwork management, including the development of customized outreach strategies to find fresh, engaged respondents. 

Dan earned his bachelor’s degree in Marketing Communications at Columbia College Chicago with a focus on marketing research and public relations. He leads a passionate team of Recruiters who are determined to find the right participants and unlock deep insights that lead to positive action and results.  

Dan is also a fitness and combat sports enthusiast, regularly competing in tournaments as a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and coaching children and youth classes at Chicago Mixed Martial Arts.