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David Farmer
Director, Market Research

David’s entire career has been in healthcare research, and his role as Director of Market Research is driven by the desire for a better understanding of disease and treatment. ICG’s commitment to optimizing medical and scientific marketing, its foundations in an empathetic approach to research, and its deep-rooted cultural desire to ask challenging questions makes it a perfect fit for his philosophy of “therapeutic credibility, empathetic engagement”.

David’s research interests have taken him overseas, where he lived in Copenhagen, Denmark and in Vienna, Austria for almost a decade - he still maintains proficiency in Danish and German today. While abroad, David studied in the Master Arts Program in Language and Culture at Roskilde University.  He further honed his academic skills back home with an MBA and MA in Economics from the University of Illinois – Chicago.

In his free time, David is an avid crossfitter, competitive swimmer, and volunteers at a local hospital in its patient advocacy group. As an organ recipient, he works to raise awareness for transplantation and is a proud member of Team Illinois, competing in the US Transplant Games.