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Kevin Kelly
Director, Fieldwork Operations

Kevin joined the ICG family with a passion for finding creative solutions to unique recruitment challenges. With years of experience interacting with respondents on the front-lines, Kevin leads a driven team, determined to find fresh participants through customized recruitment strategies for each individual client’s needs. He manages an in-house team responsible for all aspects of recruitment and fieldwork management: pre-project client consultation, screener development, facility oversight, recruitment execution, timeline adherence, global vendor partnerships, and research fielding.

Kevin has developed an expertise in qualitative and quantitative recruitment for a wide variety of industries, most prominently healthcare. With experience recruiting traditional and non-traditional methodologies, he and his team understand how to reach and secure respondents at every stage of the healthcare journey (including patients, physicians, nurses, administrators, and C-suite executives).

As a graduate of the University of Kansas with a double major in marketing and in business management, Kevin brings a wealth of leadership to the fieldwork team at ICG. With additional concentrations in international business and human resources, he is adept at tailoring recruitment tactics for both domestic and global markets, and motivating his team to go above and beyond on each and every recruit.

An avid athlete with a history in competitive team sports, both Kevin and his wife Emily play for Chicago-based ultimate frisbee teams during their time outside of work.