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Kristin Zyga
Vice President, Market Research

Kristin joined ICG fresh out of college, bright-eyed and ready to lend her passion for qualitative research to a company whose principles perfectly aligned to her background in psychology and marketing.

In her current role at ICG, Kristin oversees complex engagements for the business while developing new tools, capability areas, and organizational efficiencies. Her involvement at every step of the project process lends quality assurance and strategic thinking to the key needs across disciplines. Whether exploring creative research approaches, facilitating and moderating fieldwork, or ensuring final deliverables are action oriented, Kristin's work is rooted in research integrity.

Kristin earned her Bachelors of Science in Psychology with a concentration in Marketing from Loyola University Chicago. While she has experience in academic research as well as in the non-profit sector, Kristin has built her career at ICG, wearing many hats over the years while advancing ICG's core capabilities. As an Intern, Project Manager, Senior Consultant, and Director of Market Research for the organization, Kristin has played a key role in ICG's success.

Kristin loves nothing more than spending a long weekend back home in Michigan, out on the lake with her favorite country songs playing.