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Susan Visscher
Research Manager

Susan found the perfect home at ICG, immediately drawn to the company’s unique, empathetic approach to consumer marketing. At ICG, Susan has worked on a variety of engagements – from exploratory patient journey work to ad campaign concept testing – always rising to meet projects’ dynamic needs and find solutions to core business challenges. While Susan has experience in a number of categories, her primary focus and passion is healthcare.

In her current role at ICG, Susan leads the ICG qualitative analyst team, playing an integral role in overseeing the execution of qualitative research as well as actively participating in all parts of the research process. A skilled moderator, problem-solver and writer, Susan’s unique skill set and attention-to-detail to ensures the job gets done and done well.

Susan received a bachelor’s degree in Business Organization and Innovation Management, before obtaining her Master’s degree in Strategic Communication with an emphasis in advertising research. Her post-graduate work largely centered around understanding the factors that influence the interpretation and internalization of advertising media. The challenge of uncovering the impact of emotions on consumer behavior is something that has always fascinated Susan, and is a challenge she is happy to regularly address through her work at ICG.

When not at work, Susan enjoys spending her time running in the mountains in her home state of Montana, curled up with a good book, or simply surrounded by the company of her family and yellow lab, Nola.