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Consumer Packaged Goods

Statistically, we know that 85% of decision-making for everyday products like consumer-packaged goods are made with the emotional part of our brain. That's why simply asking consumers why they buy what they buy won't cut it. Our robust mixed-method research approaches and creative techniques uncover the emotional triggers that lead to purchases and preferences, helping clients develop the right tactics to drive sales.

The Challenge
General Mills developed one of the most successful and loyal followings among their key audience with children of the Cheerios brand. General Mills wanted to explore the opportunity of extending the Cheerios brand by appealing to adult audiences.

Our Contribution
Insight conducted a multi-stage iterative research project that helped develop the strategy behind the "heart healthy", "clinically proven to lower cholesterol" messaging that is now synonymous with the Cheerios brand.

The Result
General Mills put the "cholesterol" claim on the yellow box, dramatically driving sales among adult consumers and solidifying the new messaging in the adult marketing strategy for other products.