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In the past several years, we found ourselves doing more and more work in the healthcare space – device, diagnostics, and pharmaceutical – and found our unique approach to accurate and emotional discovery adding more and more value to clients in this complex landscape. We now consciously focus 75% of our work in healthcare, and consider ourselves to be experts in this field, across all of our core capability areas.

The Challenge
Abbott Laboratories, a leading global healthcare and medical research company, sought to develop a strong and differentiated corporate brand position to elevate the brand among the financial community and key stakeholders. As a part of this effort, Abbott was interested in exploring the brand equity of the Abbott Nutrition division. Abbott needed to understand moms today and their perception of the company. Specifically, they were interested in obtaining insights into moms' attitudes and behaviors relating to wellness and nutrition, understanding how moms choose what to feed their families, and what role health and nutrition brands play in these decisions.

Our Contribution
Insight developed an innovative research methodology to address these objectives. Among the techniques used were in–home discussion groups, ethnographies, and participant homework assignments, including collages, letters, written and video diaries, and a grocery shopping activity. Insight discovered that the role of being a mother is changing, and outlined a strategy to help identify how Abbott can position themselves among key financial stakeholders.

The Result
Insight found that moms were almost completely unaware of the Abbott Nutrition brand, and that there was no strong brand perception for their products. This helped Abbott Nutrition, and it's agency, understand how they could clarify their platforms and better connect their products to who and what moms today are aspiring to be. As a result, favorability ratings among the target were increased through a directed campaign, influenced by ethnographic research.