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Media & Entertainment

When ICG first started, we built our reputation on our work in the media and entertainment space. As the preferred partner for AT&T, we spent years helping the brand remain one of the top in the industry. Simultaneously, our psychology – influenced Ethnographic work for both Disney and Universal Studios was heralded as ground-breaking work in the press, and has been replicated by other key players in the entertainment space, to develop unique value propositions that drive consumer traffic.

The Challenge
Universal Studios experienced a steady decrease in revenue in ticket sales as a result of a lack of a clear point of difference from Walt Disney World.

Our Contribution
Using Insight's proprietary ethnographic tool, we were able to identify the unique experience provided for families at Universal Studios, and uncover the unique emotions associated with the experience. With this insight, we were able to redirect and enhance branding efforts and marketing communications. A marketing campaign was developed that helped Universal Studios differentiate and motivate potential visitors to the theme park.

The Result
Universal Studios increased its revenue from the previous year, resulting in a 12% increase in attendance from the summer of 2006 to the summer of 2007.