cross-commercial experience and



Our digital research capabilities and strong background in user experience research make us a great fit for technology research – we can quickly and globally assess and optimize new technology platforms, from websites to prototypes.

The Challenge
Verizon needed to better understand the emotional benefits of their "Network", as well as the brand strength and position of V Cast and FiOS in the wake of the alliance between AT&T and Apple. Additionally, Verizon wanted to understand the competitive landscape of communications and entertainment providers and identify where Verizon fit.

Our Contribution
To understand how consumers feel about and view the Verizon brand, Insight used perception and affinity based techniques to uncover the relationship consumers have with the brand and their associated emotions.

The Result
Insight discovered two important opportunities for Verizon to expand its share of the communications and entertainment marketplace despite the introduction and popularity of its competitor, the iPhone. Insight also provided crucial input regarding how to best communicate the emotional benefit of FiOS in its new marketing position. Today, Verizon has the highest customer loyalty based on customer turnover (1.47%).