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Market Research & Insights

The foundation of all of our work is accurate, outcomes-oriented market research. In everything we do, market research plays a critical role in providing a baseline understanding of the market landscape, from identifying unmet needs, opportunities and consumer expectations, to revealing the nuanced drivers and barriers to brand success. It not only answers questions, but also uncovers the questions we should be asking to make better business decisions. It is not only a means to an end, but the beginning of something bigger.

Our history as an organization rooted in the clinical study of human psychology and behavior gives our market research capabilities an edge, and our commitment to digging deeper makes our findings, in fact, insights.

Armed with the discoveries from market research, our consulting team has the expertise and ability to effectively shape strategies across brands, portfolios, and corporations, as well as to teach organizations how to operate more successfully within market constraints, leveraging that insider information.

Whether qualitative or quantitative, ICG is equipped to meet all your research needs in-house, with an emphasis on quality control and due diligence. Some might call us neurotic, but we call ourselves a full-service marketing research consultancy.
Qualitative Research

Deep, exploratory discovery with directional evidence
Quantitative Research

Analytical validation with significance and confidence
Programs & Processes

Strategic combinations of methodologies proven to benefit businesses
Communities of Interest

24/7 access to engaged target customers