closed social networks with major


Communities of Interest

Our commitment to innovative solutions is why we developed ICG Communities – online, closed social networks of large sample sizes (hundreds) and durations (up to years). Members are consumers and professionals, patients and physicians, thought receivers and thought leaders, of all ages, unified by a commonality, who have come together to share their mindsets and emotions, experiences and expectations, needs and desires, opinions and feedback.

Communities blend the best of on – and offline research worlds by leveraging a unique digital platform with our creative qualitative techniques, enabling ICG to do what it does best. Whether identifying unique longitudinal insights, assessing creative concepts, or cultivating innovative ideas among our members, a Community of Interest has the power to impact your business and decision-making 24/7, 365 days a year.

The ic.Board is the primary area of interaction, where the community facilitator engages users on specific, strategic discussion topics on a weekly basis, and guides long-term dialogue on key themes.

In the ic.Blog, member-driven discussion provides unfiltered insight into consumer thinking and areas of interest. Members follow, like and comment on each other's blogs, and use the feature to share their deepest personal thoughts, fears and dreams with their close-knit Community.

One of the most used features in the Community, the ic.Gallery houses all of the creative activities members complete – collages, video diaries, and word clouds, to name a few – as well as personal member albums that contain snapshots of their lives. The combined power of these rich materials is access to significantly deeper layers of the consumer perspective.

Our custom app provides seamless mobile access to the community discussion, resulting in ease of participation and increased engagement. Additionally, ic.Mobile helps us reach our members even faster for burning questions that require immediate answers.

Within the ic.Chat room, real-time, moderated discussion and feedback occurs with as many members as desired.