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If you do anything enough, exhibiting the same behaviors and thinking over and over, it's bound to become a habit. Well, that's exactly what we found happening in a couple of key areas of our business. We suddenly realized that while still keeping things fresh and innovative in the process, there were a few fundamental steps we kept repeating because, well…they worked. We decided these research habits should be formalized into processes we could communicate to our clients as time-tested recipes for success.

TrueView360 allows salesforce leadership to see what really happens out in the field, and leverage the learning to optimize sales efforts. Utilizing a three-step process of definition (what are the behaviors we want and need to see in the field, and for what purpose?), discovery (observation of actual behaviors and interactions in the field) and development (customized workshops designed to modify behavior and drive desired results), we'll show you how to align sales efforts to drive commercial results. Our experienced team of former sales reps and salesforce leaders will conduct interviews with internal stakeholders and sales leadership, ride with carefully chosen reps for 1-3 days, and conduct post-observation interviews with both reps and their key customers to fill in perceptual gaps within the interaction. This comprehensive approach provides clients with a 360° understanding of the sales dynamics and facilitates true shifts in behavior, leading to lasting commercial success.

Segmentation720 combines robust exploratory research with quantitative validation to identify high opportunity segments of target consumers. This means we've examined all the variables twice, providing a 720° view into the potential target population. We first comb existing consumer and sales data to make educated hypotheses that inform the screening criteria for our research. We include a mix of current, past and non-brand or product users to ensure we leverage the distinct experiences of each group to identify the key variables that ultimately differentiate segments. We then engage in a mixed-method, deep dive discovery process consisting of traditional focus groups, in-home observation, and user experience assessments. The result? Four to six attitudinal and behavioral consumer segments are consistently identified, and then validated using a carefully crafted quantitative survey of a significant sample size. Over the years we have found that, thanks to our qualitative expertise, when we reach the validation stage, we're usually not far off the mark.