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Qualitative Research

We, and most of our clients, know that there is a lot more to qualitative research than simply facilitating conversations - it's a complex process with many crucial steps:
  • First, there is robust planning and preparation to set up the project for success – ensuring all the details are perfectly aligned to create the optimal environment for discovery.
  • Then, there is an intense screening and recruitment process to find high quality – not just qualified – participants.
  • Next, there is the research in the field, a delicate balance between the emotions and mindsets of participants, the business needs of clients, the creative desires of the agency partner, and the environmental factors over the course of a couple brief hours.
  • Finally, there is the combing of the data to understand the solutions to the problem from every angle.
We consider every step of the research process to be a discovery opportunity, and subject to evolution. We are reactive to what we hear and learn from our research participants – and our clients, of course - as early as the recruitment stage, and we aren't afraid to change the scope or direction of a project to ensure that we maintain our commitment to accurate discovery.
In-Person Research Methods

Our favorite kind of discovery – up close and personal
Digital Research Capabilities

Efficient platforms to meet timing and budget constraints – with global reach
Creative Tools & Techniques

Tricks for helping people provide perspective into their unique lives – and into unique insights