realizing commercial potential requires

pinpoint precision execution

Operational Execution

The ultimate business success of any organization lies in its ability to align and focus all functions to one standard of success. This requires a full understanding of the capabilities, skills and behaviors required to execute effectively, as well as the right processes in place to track, measure, and adjust when necessary. At ICG, we have helped many clients realize the potential of their strategy through effective actions that drive the desired commercial results.
Learning & Development

While most organizations understand the importance of training and developing personnel, we know that learning and development has more to do with raising organizational competency than rolling out the right workshops. The first step is fully understanding the leading indicators of success – the capabilities, skills and behaviors that are most often demonstrated by top performers and link to business results. We can then develop unique methods of enrolling the organization in the process of embedding the necessary tools and developing people to achieve their highest level of capability, with proficiency in key behaviors that are required for consistent delivery of top-tier results.
Standard Operating Procedure Assessment & Development

Understanding how to reproduce organizational best practices and optimize efficiency is critical to organizational growth. We know how to leverage existing practices and incorporate what we've learned from our extensive operational experience to identify, document and assess current state processes and recommend design change to improve efficiency, arming our clients with best practices and SOP's that drive compliance and excellence.
Sales Execution

What makes a good salesperson? Strong relationships? Extensive product knowledge? Call frequency? Understanding customer needs? Well, we think it's usually a dynamic combination of all of these. Too often, organizations focus on the activities required to execute a selling model (reach and frequency metrics), rather than measuring behavior against a desired achievement model. Confusing activity for achievement can be dangerous to the success of an organization, as it promotes "check-the-box" style reps who go through the motions rather than results-oriented business-people who do what it takes to meet goals.