leading strategies to

drive sustainable growth

Strategic Consulting

Strategy is all about making choices. Choices about where you can and must win that will inform how and where the organization applies resources to optimize opportunity and drive sustainable growth. The process of choosing a strategy first involves accurate assessment of the marketplace and then necessitates skillfully crafted ideas for winning. Our experience and expertise in three core strategic areas have served clients well in winning, consistently.
Corporate & Commercial Strategy

Clear and well-communicated commercial strategies are foundational to both aligning an organization and informing the way that customers will think about an organization. A commercial strategy will leverage all key strengths of the business, while also positioning the company for future sustainable growth by identifying the most relevant and actionable adjacencies for expansion. ICG's clients know that our ability to enroll key stakeholders in the commercial strategy development process is critical to alignment, implementation, and, ultimately, achievement of the desired results that define success.
Brand & Product Strategy

Brand and product strategy starts with an in-depth understanding of the customer. We call this "empathetic marketing"… truly understanding your customer and what will drive them to adopt, become loyal, and ultimately advocate for your brand. By putting ourselves in the customers' shoes, we effectively craft brand positions, product innovations, and communications platforms that create brand ambassadors and ultimately drive business success.
New Product Development

Developing or acquiring new products starts with a process to identify the intersection of organizational synergy and marketplace need. While many companies can develop or acquire new products that seem to make business sense, we know that it is critical to understand if and where market potential exists to achieve the desired commercial results for these products. We routinely help clients think about how to leverage their existing brands and capabilities to fill unique marketplace needs with new product innovation that contributes to sustainable growth.